Dynamic Architecture

DYA is an acronym based on Dynamic Architecture.

What is the goal of DYA?

The goal of DYA is to improve the effectiveness of architecture within organisations.

What is DYA?

DYA is a view on Enterprise Architecture.

What is Enterprise Architecture?

The view of DYA is that Enterprise Architecture is an organisational capability. EA should be facilitating the decisions in an organisation. The goal of EA is to provide insight in the coherence between the strategy, organisation, and technology.

What makes DYA different?

  1. DYA is based upon practical experience
  2. DYA communicated a view and not a detailed way of working
  3. DYA and the DYA Maturity Model haven been tested for over 20+ years within companies and via scientific research.

When did DYA start to exist?

DYA originated in 2001 at Sogeti Netherlands by the collaboration between Roel Wagter (RG,LN), Martin van den Berg (RG,GS,LN), Joost Luijpers (RG, LN) and Marlies van Steenbergen (RG, LN).

How did DYA stay relevant?

Since 2001 10 books where published on DYA, including DYA|Software and DYA|Infrastructure.

In 2019 the creation of DYA Sensemaking Architecture by Marlies van Steenbergen, Ton Eusterbrock, Hans Nouwens and Edzo Botjes started.

Since 2001 also many whitepapers, articles, MSc thesis and Dissertations where written on DYA and the DYA Maturity Matrix.


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